Robust, manoeuvrable, durable and flexible are some of the features of the new electric pedestrian pallet truck from Linde Material Handling

Offering even more convenient operation and enhanced safety functions, it is the ideal helper in loading and unloading trucks, last mile delivery, rapid transport in industrial applications and goods handling in supermarkets and stores.

The areas of application for pallet trucks in this weight class are as varied as the demands placed on them. In particular, they are designed to help operators transport loads quickly and safely – even in limited space. “With the new Linde MT15, we are launching a truck that is simple yet comes with all the important features of the Linde DNA, such as quality, safety, comfort and high performance,” says Toufik Oussou, Senior Product Manager Warehouse Trucks at Linde Material Handling.

In order for the pallet truck to be able to manoeuvre in confined spaces, it has been designed with especially compact dimensions. The chassis length (dimension L2) is 400 millimetre’s, the overall width (dimension B1) measures 620 millimetres, and the total weight of only 180 kilograms allows the truck to be used in mezzanine floors or on lifting platforms.

With a maximum speed of 5 km/h when loaded and 5.5 km/h without load, the truck is significantly faster than most other pallet trucks in its class. Its gradeability is also above the market average: the Linde MT15 achieves 8 percent when loaded and 20 percent when unloaded. .

A 48-volt lithium-ion battery with a choice of 20 Ah or 30 Ah provides sufficient power for up to three hours of operation. The powerpack can be recharged at any suitable socket by means of the built-in on-board charger. If there is no time for this, users can order an external charger and another battery and swap over via plug-and-play