Linde H 40-50 EVO


Make: Linde
Model: H40-50 EVO
Power: Diesel / LPG
Capacity: From 4000kg to 5000kg
Mast: Duplex or Triplex
Lift Heights: Up to 6075mm

Options: Various attachments and Cab options available


Diesel, LPG and CNG Forklift Trucks Capacity 4000 – 5000 kg (Series 394-02 EVO)

With capacities from 4000 kg to 5000 kg the truck is part of an outstanding new series, which has led a quiet revolution in the design of engine powered trucks. Some of the features that have created this quiet revolution include the resiliently mounted mast and axle assembly, which cushions the operator’s compartment from vibrations.

Fitted with the exceptionally fuel-efficient and virtually maintenance-free Linde hydrostatic transmission and the Linde twin accelerator pedal system, the formidable performance of the truck makes it the first choice for handling heavy, high value loads with sensitivity and precision